Honda Portable Genset
Honda Portable Genset quietest generator in the EU line. It is widely used for a variety of small appliances such as fans, TVs, lights, coffee pots and small power tools. Weighing only 29 pounds, the EU1000i is very lightweight and can be carried easily. Generators with the assurance of optimal monitoring and controlling of absolute and reactive value of power flow, resulting in better efficiency in performance and stability of Portable Generators.
Birla Yamaha Genset
Birla Yamaha Generator range works efficiently during frequent power cuts and can be easily moved. Adept personnel in our team supply this range keeping in mind its conformation with industrial standards on the basis of performance, functioning and efficiency. Running Cost is lowest and Very Fuel Efficient , so produces electricity at very economical rates. Portable and light weight Diesel Genset.Low Priced & Economical Generator, Best for institutional / Bulk order Supplies.
Exide Batteries
Exide has launched high end DSP based Pure SINE WAVE Home UPS with Grid Quality Power Output which guarantees 100% protection and long life of your electrical and electronic appliances. Our ASIC technology driven Home UPS gives the right charging for your batteries ensuring longer life and less topping up for your batteries. These are commonly known as UPS Systems which are normally used in offices and banks to run mainly sophisticated electronic office automation gadgets.
Currency Counting Machine
Currency counting machines are reliable and consistent performance even for the notes with poor quality. Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes. Our currency counters are designed to perform without need for maintenance and service. New technologies and advanced software coding system in our machines has lead to development of advanced counterfeit identification system. We developed our currency counter to perform in varied Indian conditions which is wild and demands sturdy performance.